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Service Definition

4th Platform Cloud Backup and Recovery (powered by EVault®)


4th Platform Cloud Backup consists of a range of professional-grade, automated online data protection services.

Our automated online backup and recovery offering provides secure, reliable, efficient protection of your organization’s critical data, directly through the Internet.

With 4th Platform Cloud Backup, you get a world-class data protection infrastructure that lets you safeguard your data without additional capital expense. It automatically backs up selected desktop, laptop and server data from across your organisation.

Your data is de-duplicated, compressed, encrypted, and then transmitted to our dedicated specialist vaults. Recovery of your data is one phone call away. It’s all at your fingertips whenever you need it - with multiple options for fast, fool proof recovery.

How It Works

4th Platform Cloud Backup centralises the backup and recovery of data on all computers distributed throughout your organisation - headquarters, remote and branch office (ROBO) locations. Agents automatically back up your data over the Internet.

All your data is encrypted before it leaves the endpoint and is only decrypted when it needs to be restored back to its original location or an alternative location specified by you. You hold the encryption key so the data is only accessible by you (unless you choose otherwise). Primarily this is a fully automated and managed service and we will monitor and rectify and failures or anomalies.

You have the option to manage your own backup environment via a web based management portal in which case we will provide the Powered by EVault platform, infrastructure and support and you will manage and monitor your own backup and restore procedures and requirements.

Secure, reliable, data protection infrastructure

  • FIPS-approved AES encryption locks your data before it leaves your computer, and ensures that only you have the key to unlock it.
  • UK based Data Centres with vault replication.

Easy deployment and management

  • Our technical specialists can help you set up even the most complex backup schedule in short order.
  • Hot backups support 24/7 operations by backing up mission-critical applications while they are online.

Optimized performance with advanced compression and data de-duplication

  • Front-end data de-duplication relies on the Powered by Evault delta block-level processing technology, which ensures that only new and changed blocks of data within files are sent to our vaults, decreasing backup times and reducing storage footprints.
  • Compression technology and bandwidth throttling maximise backup transfer speed and reduce impact on productivity.

Multiple options for data recovery

  • Lose any of your files, folders databases (if selected), or emails (if selected)? One phone call is all it takes. Or if self-managed you are just a few clicks away.
  • Need LAN-speed backup and restore for remote and branch offices? The Recovery Appliance (Optional if specified) provides the best of both worlds—local and offsite backups. You back up to an onsite vault that automatically replicates data to an offsite disaster recovery vault.
  • Need a lot of data restored in a hurry? With 4th Platform’s Premium Data Transfer Service, we’ll ship you a hardware appliance loaded with your data (at additional cost)

Other key benefits

  • Bare Metal Backup and Recovery option to complement your Disaster Recovery plan.
  • Brick level restore for on-prem Microsoft Exchange email enabling restore of a single email directly into a user’s mailbox.
  • SQL open file agent.
  • Brick level restore for SQL.


Offsite Data Retention 30 daily backups + 11 monthly backups – 41 restore points.

Optional Appliance             7 daily backups, custom

Platform Support*              Windows Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, IBM i, and VMware

Application Support*         Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Cluster Services, Oracle, and other applications.

4th Platform Support         Initial set-up and business hours 1st level support via your trusted partner

* Your current ‘in service’ release of platforms and applications to be backed up will be verified against EVault’s current supported platform and application lists to ensure compatibility on deployment. Compatibility of 4th Platform Cloud Backup with future platforms and applications cannot be guaranteed but compatible agents will be made available as part of the service when and if they are released by EVault.

This service will be provided in accordance with the 4th Platform Cloud Terms and Conditions and other relevant Contract documents


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