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Floor Standing Hand Sanitiser Display Kiosk

Help your business conform with the latest NHS guidance to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Benefits of the Hand Sanitiser Display Kiosk

  • Ideal for Branded Content

    • The 22" display screen offers a safe and sanitised display, ideal for company news or third party advertising. • The machine has inbuilt speakers so you can play video and audio messages flawlessly as well as websites, social media and RSS feeds. • We limit to 120 messages per device; these are then looped to your preference.

  • Exceptional Design

    • Die cast plastic moulded design makes it easy to wipe clean. • This is a true commercial-grade solution. Built using a high quality LCD panel and components, it is designed to be in constant use 24/7. • Installation is a simple process as the slim, free-standing model can be used in countless environments.

  • Automatic Dispenser

    • Auto dispense via the built-in IR Sensor. • Clean, safe and completely touch free, eradicating the risk of cross infection.

  • 3.6L Internal Reservoir

    • The long-lasting 3600ml capacity reservoir provides up to 9000 pumps.

  • Remote Management

    • The remote service tracks your daily usage and key statistics. This way we are always notified when you are running low of sanitiser and can send a highly trained technician to perform the refill and carry out maintenance work. • 4th Platform also manage and organise all the content (videos, images, and audio files) you wish to have displayed, saving you considerable time.

  • ProACTive™ Support

    • 4th Platform are a safe pair of hands, offering a seamless multi-level support service UK- wide. • The dedicated support desk and N.O.C can often remotely fix issues but can send fully qualified technicians to offer quick and easy on-site support.

Flexible Finance Options

We offer a variety of different finance options such as a lease, outright purchase, or a ‘pay per dispense’ scheme*, all of which are competitive and can be tailored to your company's needs. If you are already a Print or IT customer, we can incorporate the Hand Sanitiser Displays into your Totally Managed Volume and Services Agreement meaning you only have one simple and easy invoice.

Option A: 'Pay Per Dispense' Agreement

4th Platform offer a 'pay per dispense' option including the cost of the unit, sanitiser fluid and everything associated with managing the device, including: advertising, service and support, which is payable on a quarterly basis. This programme is unique to 4th Platform and has proved very popular with customers.

Option B: Lease Rental Agreement

A minimum term rental programme is available with a separate maintenance and advertising agreement if required.

Option C: Outright Purchase Agreement

Prices are available for purchase according to the setup functionality desired and is available with a separate maintenance and advertising agreement if required.

*all prices are subject to minimums, VAT and credit approval.

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