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Converged Mobile and Fixed Line Services

Connect integrates your mobile phones with 4th Platform Hosted Contact Centre, bringing landline, mobile and desktop communications together and allowing your users to access the tools that matter most to them, wherever they are.  Leverage the flexibility of your mobiles and the business-critical features provided by a cloud PBX to streamline your communications and improve your responsiveness. 

Key Benefits

  • Increased flexibility

    Connect provides mobile users access to features of the Contact Centre service, such as Hunt Groups and the Corporate Directory, whilst maintaining all the flexibility of a mobile device and ultimately improving your availability, responsiveness and productivity.

  • Enhanced reporting

    Improve communications planning and strategy with enhanced call reporting updated in real time. Gain a complete analysis of all calls made, received, missed, wait times and agent availability, across your mobiles, desktop applications and handsets.

  • Extend call recording to your mobile workers

    Connect ensures all calls are recorded regardless of device, whether in the office or on the move, helping to address training, quality assurance and compliance needs.

  • Keep communication simple

    MyConnect is a smart companion app that offers users an integrated mobile office experience. MyConnect provides easy access to your business contacts, voicemail and office settings, ensuring your employees remain productive and responsive whenever they’re away from their desks.

  • Stay in touch

    All calls are initiated and received using our partners’ converged VoIP network. Internal calls can be initiated from mobiles and users can seamlessly switch between devices whilst on a call, while recieving excellent business-grade voice quality.

  • Improve your customer experience

    Improve staff availability and responsiveness with one business number, whilst giving them the freedom and flexibility to work the way they want. There’s no need to publish and organise a range of mobile numbers, as staff will receive calls to their business number wherever they are and on any device.

  • Provide a local service

    Use MyConnect to easily select the image you want to present. Users are able to present office numbers from their mobiles, meaning calls are more likely to be answered and your business can deliver a consistent, professional appearance.

  • One visual voicemail

    Stay on top of your communications and never miss an important voicemail again. Connect synchronises your fixed and mobile service, allowing your users to access and respond to all messages from any location, using any device.

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