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Hand Sanitiser Stations for Legal Firms

Offset the cost of your station with advertising

A unique solution for hand sanitising; A station that can pay for itself, is fully managed and monitored - This is the new kid on the block in terms of preventing a second wave.

Generate Revenue with Advertising

It takes 30 seconds to sanitise hands correctly, giving the user plenty of time to digest the dynamic content on display. The 22” digital display has inbuilt speakers so you can play custom video and audio messages flawlessly which is perfect for advertising. Our research found it only takes around six adverts to offset the whole cost of the device and sanitiser per month. We can offer the help of our marketing club who will help you ascertain appropriate advert candidates, whether this be partners, local businesses or brands.

Create a Great First Impression

Let’s face it, with the ever-changing government guidelines, you could be busier than ever with people walking through the door. A warm reception is vital. Designed to be in use 24/7, both the wall mounted and the floor standing models are stylish and sturdy in design. Unlike most sanitiser dispensers, our stations add value to any professional environment.

No Stress, No Mess

As a fully managed service, the unit is supported by our technicians. They monitor and report on the usage of sanitising liquid and will be on-site to replenish before you run out. The quality sanitiser is securely contained within the device so it can’t be stolen or damaged. We also manage the process of uploading the adverts to the portals. The screens are updated every two weeks as standard.

Ideal for

  • Advertising

  • Custom welcome client messages

  • Information about your firm and services

  • Customer testimonials

  • Biographies of your attorney

  • Showcase recent awards and accomplishments

  • Images of your staff and team

  • Social media streams

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