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Is Corporate Social Responsibility high on your agenda?

It should be.

Gartner, the world's leading research and advisory company, they tell us that prompted by the pandemic, consumers have shifted their top Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expectations from sustainability to employee welfare.

So what exactly is CSR?

The Chartered Institute of Personal Development describe it as follows:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is concerned with the sustainability of an organisation over the long term. At its core, corporate responsibility seeks to add value to an organisation's activities by ensuring they have a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy. The traditional model of CSR includes the workplace, marketplace, community and environment.

CSR initiatives usually fall into four main areas:

Workplace – focusing on the rights and well-being of employees and other workers in the value chain Market place – including areas such as the impact of its products or services, supply chain issues, as well as fair trading, corporate taxes and anti-bribery. Environment – concerned with the organisation’s environmental impact Community – focusing on how the organisation’s activities positively or negatively affect the societies in which they operate.

At this stage of the pandemic, companies should be focussing on the Workplace element of CSR; and specifically employees in the short term with the long term in mind. The coronavirus crisis is an opportunity for companies to show how resilient and well prepared they are to manage risks and adapt to new circumstances.

There are several elements to employee welfare in this pandemic world; top of the list must be to protect customers and employees with their physical and mental health.  Physically protecting people can ultimately help with some of the mental health worries too.

Hand sanitising is surely the biggest way of protecting people in the first instance. When it comes to purchasing a hand sanitiser station, there are so many different options it can be overwhelming. It’s best to start off with deciding where it is going to be placed, would it be best wall mounted or floor standing?

This highlights the importance of ensuring hand sanitiser is accessible and easy for everybody to use, such as at the entrance to your building and outside bathrooms; wherever there is a high level of foot traffic.

4th Platform’s mobile and wall mounted hand sanitisers

Let’s talk about 4th Platform’s answer to all the potential headaches associated with some sanitising solutions. At this stage in the battle against Covid-19, a robust and long term solution is necessary. And, could be key to preventing a second wave too.

Our stylish stations are:

  • Cost neutral, station can pay for itself with digital advertising displays
  • Fully managed service, no set up or management required by you
  • Contact free, no risk of cross contamination
  • No risk of damage or theft
  • Our technicians monitor usage and are on-site before it runs out
  • No need for your staff to refill the station
  • Ticks all the boxes in terms of wellbeing and safety for employees and staff
  • One easy invoice
  • Robust, sleek, stylish and branded
  • Fully tested and authorised Sterizar sanitising foam


These units have already proved their worth and have been installed at PureGym in Portsmouth.  A spokesperson for PureGym said, “Having the digital contact free hand sanitiser in our club allows our members to see our health and safety guidelines on the screen whilst sanitising their hands, the sanitiser protects their hands for up to six hours after application.

The benefit of the screen function also serves as a communication messenger board to advertise what’s happening within our club and update our Portsmouth members on the latest news and information. It has given them confidence that the gym they train at is clean and proving a good service to them.”

In summary, it really is important to have a sanitiser station that is robust, long lasting and of the highest quality and, by potentially paying for itself, these stations are a win-win in ticking the important CSR responsibilities.

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