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Microsoft fundamentals - Keywords and meanings - Part 1

This week, I’m going to go through some hints and tips in terms of keywords to help with the MS900 fundamentals exam. Each week, I hope I can help you along the process and even get qualified.

For the first blog, we’ll concentrate on some key words and meanings for the Cloud Concept:

Cloud computing is the delivery of commuting services ie servers, storage, database, networking , over the internet (CLOUD).

Two terms to remember Capex – cost associated with buying or upgrading physical hardware. Opex – cost that business incurs to performing its normal operations

There are 3 types of Cloud models:

Public- shared public cloud where many companies share common resources. Main advantage here is that it lowers the cost, no maintainace, and high reliability
Private cloud- where a company has its own data centre providing its own self service. Reason to move to public cloud is the Capex Cost are high and you need to hire expertise to maintain and run.
Hybrid cloud- combination of public and private/ Allowing you to run what you like where. Reason protect sensitive data on premises.

Types of Cloud services:

SaaS- Software which is hosted and managed by the end user : example 365, OneDrive for business, PowerBI.
PaaS- Environment for building, deploying and running software application ie web and mobile application that connects to a on Prem data stores
IaaS- Aims to provide complete control over hardware and runs your application
Example Server- based workloads IE Virtual machines connected to a on premise network

Key benefits of Cloud computing

• It’s cost effective
• Scalable
• Elastic 
• Always up to date and reliable

Capabilities for 365

The Main capability for 365 is that it learns from users and collects valuable insight through the Microsoft graph to enhance experiences that continually gets better over time and keeps users protected


• Online meetings and messaging
• Outlook for email and calendar

Office apps on all devices
• File storage with OneDrive
• Internet and team site with SharePoint
• Enterprise Social network with Yammer

• Simplified IT management with Endpoint
• Process automation through SharePoint and Power Automate
• PowerBI for business intelligence with workplace analytics and MyAnalytics. Work management with Planner

• Threat protection,
• Security management insider risk management
• Compliance management
• eDiscovery

Migration to 365
There are two different services models required for migration approach for cloud only deployment and coexistence for hybrid deployment
• Migration is moving everything from the old system to a new system.
• Coexistence means two different systems one on premises and one in the cloud. *hybrid model*.

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