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Save money with our Sanitiser Managed Service

You may have already heard of our NEW Hand Sanitiser Display Kiosks as they are proving to be crucial technology in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and will still be relevant in the years to come!

*concept designs above

These Display Kiosks are popular across a range of market sectors from retail to corporate, education to finance and many more!

Did you know that we can help you offset the costs of the display with advertising? Our marketing club will help you ascertain appropriate ad candidates to be displayed on the kiosk, whether this be partners, local businesses or brands.

According to government guidance, it takes over 30 seconds to sanitise your hands correctly, giving users ample time to engage with the messaging. This is unlike other advertising platforms, as users feel compelled in the 30 seconds to digest the messages on the screen. The unit can be strategically placed to capture longer dwell times, which makes it an attractive proposition to potential advertisers.

From our research, it will take around 6 adverts to offset the whole cost of the device and sanitiser per month!

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