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What are the benefits of investing in a Microsoft 365 backup plan?

No matter what stage your business is in or how many locations you have, proactive backup management can deliver a multitude of key benefits.

Protect Against Data Loss

If you've ever been affected by a hard disk crash, or you've witnessed how a virus can wipe out your computer, then you'll know how essential backups are. Microsoft 365 backs up your data, protecting you from the unexpected loss of important information.

Accidental file deletions can be commonplace in a workplace setting, but a backup is more than just finding a document in a recycle bin. It's about resuming your system and regaining your data to the point of its most recent backup.

Ensure Business Continuity

Imagine that you lose access to your emails, databases, and spreadsheets. Would you be able to work effectively?

You need to determine how often you should back up your data. You can assess your tolerance for data loss by considering how much data you are willing to lose before business continuity is compromised.

Microsoft 365 backup plans can be tailored to create effective business continuity plans and will give you confidence that you can quickly regain your data. Also, with proactive management, you can feel sure that your backups are seamlessly taken care of.

Reduce Costs

A proactively managed backup plan makes it quick and easy to recover your data, minimising any lost productivity. And with Microsoft 365, your backup plan can be scaled up or down to suit your business needs, saving valuable time and money.

Data loss can have a devastating impact on any business—especially one that is unprepared to handle it. It may also lead to reputational damage if your customers' or clients' personal information is compromised by the loss.

Maintain Compliance with Security Regulations

The Information Commissioners' Office takes security breaches very seriously, and any GDPR violations will likely result in substantial fines. However, proactively managing your data backups and creating a well-defined backup schedule will help protect sensitive corporate information, while demonstrating how your company is safeguarding its data.

Many business sectors have clear compliance processes that they need to follow. For example, if you are working across government contracts, it’s imperative that you have demonstrable proof of how your company is proactively protecting its data. Along with Cyber Essentials certification, your Microsoft 365 backup plan will assist with any regulatory or compliance processes.

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