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Face your security challenges with 4th Platform

Today's businesses face great challenges in protecting themselves and their data, and living in a world where users access corporate data from anywhere with any device, while that device is also used to access any number of applications and data sources. 

This increases the potential for corporate data to be lost, or stored in non-company sanctioned locations.  At the same time, the reliance on the Internet increases the reach of cyber-terrorists and criminal’s intent on disrupting data, holding companies to ransom or stealing money.  The advent of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes severe financial penalties on organisations that fail to take appropriate measures to counter the threats, making the need to meet these challenges of paramount Importance to all companies.

4th Platform can help you build and maintain a defence system to protect your business by:

  • Protecting your data
  • Defending your network
  • Securing your work devices
  • Safeguarding your business users


Here’s how

Data protection

Data is under threat in many ways including ransomware or theft. 4th Platform delivers a range of methods to protect data, including encryption of devices so that data cannot be read from a lost or stolen device, email encryption so that sensitive data does not reside in users’ or third parties’ email inboxes and thereby preventing exposure to data breaches. 

4th Platform monitors what's happening on a computer, so that data breaches can be protected against should a user be directed to a malicious website or even a genuine website that has itself been compromised and tries to corrupt or steal data.

Network defence

A company’s network used to just consist of computers bought by the company and controlled by the company. Today users have their own devices and accessing their own storage such as Dropbox and without realising can be transmitting company data. Users need remote access to the network; at work, on the road or working from home, so it’s essential that your business is protected, putting your business back in control and importantly reducing any risks.

4th Platform will help you to give the users the access to the data they need, while keeping their own devices away from your company servers and services.  At the same time, 4th Platform’s will monitor not just the  traffic on your network, but what it is doing, and offer a high degree of protection against malware and other cyber-attacks.

For remote users, 4th Platform offers a single secure access portal for users needing to access data and services, whether on the internal network or via Cloud-based services, further helping to keep BYOD devices from compromising the company network.

Device Security

Device security used to mean securing a computer, sitting on a desk in the office that could be tightly controlled and managed by the network manager.  Today, devices can be computers, tablets or mobile phones, which may be owned by the company or be a user’s personal device.  At the same time as the  number of the challenges to securing devices increases, so do the penalties for losing data, which may be from certain devices over which a company has little control. Clearly a business needs to be able to secure the devices it owns, and secure the data it allows on to devices which it doesn’t own. 

4th Platform can help your business ensure that security procedures are in place by  encrypting devices and encrypting sensitive data before its shared.  And, not only that, give users secure access to encrypted information without it needing to be stored on the device, minimising the potential for data loss.  This is all in addition to standard anti-virus protection.

User Safeguards

How often do we hear users being asked not to click on links or attachments they are not sure are safe?  And how often are users asked to setup different passwords for each of the applications and services they access? In a recent survey, the use of stolen credentials was the most used method in successful security breaches.

4th Platform will help your business safeguard a company’s users.  Should malware bypass a company’s defences to land in a user’s inbox, 4th Platform implements and manages intelligent malware protection to stop it in its tracks.  We can also manage access to multiple systems with a secure sign-on portal that manages access to web and internal servers, to protect users from credential theft.

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“The solution has enabled the school to introduce new technologies with confidence, knowing they will be secure, while it is reassuring to know that our more adventurous pupils aren’t able to hack into the network!”

Tim Howlett
Head of IT

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