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Hand sanitiser stations – A managed service can eliminate the hidden costs?

The now familiar hand sanitiser stations are part of everyday life. The need for sanitising and extra hygiene is here to stay; plonking a bottle of sanitising gel at the entrance of a building is by no means a sustainable solution.  In today’s new normal the cost of the extra sanitising and cleaning will be an expected monthly expense.

But what are the actual costs to a business?  What’s often forgotten is the time and resource costs and the potential risk to the business if the station is not maintained correctly.

Below is a summary of the hidden costs that are involved in the maintenance of a station.  If your business has a need for multiple stations this can add up considerably.

Think about the estimated costs for the following:

  • Cost of the hand sanitiser unit? One off?
  • Cost of the hand sanitiser gel?
  • Cost in resource of cleaning the station?
  • Cost in resource of filling up the sanitiser?
  • Risk to the business and people if the sanitiser unit is not working at any time?
  • Cost in resource for ordering supplies from several suppliers?
  • Repair costs?
  • Maintenance costs?

So, perhaps the smart solution is to use a managed service.  By managed, we mean a solution that does not require your internal resources or incur separate costs for ordering supplies and maintaining the station.

A managed service provides technicians which can monitor the sanitiser usage and will be on-site to replenish the stations with sanitising foam before it runs out.  All maintenance is taken care of, and not just that, the stations that have digital displays have the potential to advertise and therefore generate revenue, so essentially pay for themselves.

4th Platform’s mobile and wall-mounted hand sanitisers

Let’s talk about 4th Platform’s answer to all the potential headaches associated with some sanitising solutions and the hidden costs. 

Our stylish stations are:

  • Cost neutral, station can pay for itself with digital advertising displays
  • Fully managed service, no set up or management required by you
  • Contact-free, no risk of cross-contamination
  • No risk of damage or theft
  • Our technicians monitor usage and are on-site before it runs out
  • No need for your staff to refill the station
  • Ticks all the boxes in terms of wellbeing and safety for employees and staff
  • One easy invoice
  • Robust, sleek, stylish and branded
  • Fully tested and authorised Sterizar sanitising foam

These units have already proved their worth and have been installed at PureGym in Portsmouth.  A spokesperson for PureGym said, “Having the digital contact-free hand sanitiser in our club allows our members to see our health and safety guidelines on the screen whilst sanitising their hands, the sanitiser protects their hands for up to six hours after application.

The benefit of the screen function also serves as a communication messenger board to advertise what’s happening within our club and update our Portsmouth members on the latest news and information. It has given them confidence that the gym they train at is clean and proving a good service to them.”

In summary, it really is important to have a sanitiser station that is robust, and durable. By using a managed service, there’s no stress and potentially paying for itself those hidden costs disappear.

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