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Call Recording

Control and Compliance

4th Platform offer a range of Call Recording, Monitoring and Compliance applications to provide comprehensive recording, encrypting, archiving and retrieval functionality.

Hosted and Cloud Call Recording

Our hosted call recording services are the perfect complement to any hosted phone system, allowing you to establish trends, pick and correct areas for improvement and ensure that your agents are delivering the correct message to customers.

Inbound Call Recording Solutions

Inbound call recording is the perfect solution for call centres and enterprises wanting to implement stringent controls, improve quality of service and ultimately stay legally protected at all times.

Mobile Call Recording

Our mobile call recording solution allows you to record and store all inbound and outbound mobile calls and comply with all FCA regulations

Legal Compliance

Our products meet the regulatory requirements defined by the FCA and other regulatory bodies. All of our Call recording solutions can be tailored to meet your requirements with consideration for PCI – DSS.

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