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LAN, WAN and Wireless Networks

Organisations have many different network requirements and the increasing use of personal devices is putting additional pressures on existing company networks. 4th Platform can maintain your existing networks or design new ones, taking into account all of your needs and making sure you have a fast and secure network for your business.

Local Area Networks

The growing use of wireless mobile devices puts greater demand on LAN networks and raises security concerns over who is on your network and what they are using.  
4th Platform's network design and management services separate company and user devices and control access to authorised areas of both internal and external networks. You retain control over your corporate network but have the flexibility to incorporate your users’ and guests’ devices securely. 

Wide Area Networks

Access to company applications and data is increasingly required by all workers, not just those located in the office and accessing these servers from branch offices can mean additional considerations for network design.
At 4th Platform we design our networks based on individual needs and budgets, taking into account where users are located and what they need access to. This means that you will have a network that is built around what is right for you as a business, instead of a collection of inter-site data services.

Wireless Networks

As more and more people use smartphones and tablets, there is an increasing reliance on wireless networking to support these devices.  
Our wireless facilities are designed to handle the different requirements of users, such as corporate, guest and personal usage. You’ll be able to support an increased range of devices whilst knowing that your network and information assets are securely protected.

We can help you with:

On-Premise Networks

Designing, implementing and managing your on-premise networks.

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LAN, WAN and Wireless Networks

Network design and management of LAN, WAN and Wireless networks.

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Threat management systems at an appropriate level for your business.

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Remote Access

Secure and effective access to your on-premise and Cloud based assets.

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Implementation and support of email systems and security devices, both on-premise and in the Cloud.

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We supply all of the major platforms to make sure you get the best mix of quality and value.

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