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Mobile for Business

At 4th Platform we understand that the future is all about data – so we provide our business customers with access to the biggest and most reliable mobile data service in the UK, for a better overall mobile experience.

As well as the best data service, we offer a great range of standard and optional features including 4G as standard and business travel options. Our voicemail has been built with the business user in mind, with a range of great features such as extended message storage, flexible greeting options customised to individual numbers, tailored greetings based on business hours and extended greetings. 

Key Benefits

  • Manage your mobiles

    Our partner controls the core mobile network systems, so with 4th Platform Mobile there’s no reliance on other networks, making it easier for us to manage your mobiles.

  • Immediacy

    Having a partner that owns our network means we can make adds and changes much more quickly than other networks.

  • Reliability

    Access to the biggest and most reliable data network in the UK.

  • Business centric

    Great range of features designed specifically for business, including a business-centric voicemail service.

  • A focus on customer service

    The same service excellence we already deliver for our voice and data networks.

  • Future proofing

    A fixed/mobile convergence roadmap is available and can prepare your business for the future.

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