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Microsoft fundamentals - Keywords and meanings - Part 2

MICROSOFT productivity and teamwork capabilities.

This model is basically Microsoft showing off how it will show ways to improve productivity.
Not sure if you saw my last blog? If not Click here and you are in for a treat.

Exploring MS Teams.

  • Chat one to one.
  • Eliminate email clutter, encourage open discussion.
  • Start call or share screen.
  • Message in real time even with Mobile device and share useful files.
  • You can even host online meeting with Teams have live events and audio conferences *call in from phone feature”.
  • Once when it’s all done and some people missed out you are able to record the session and publish it with Microsoft Stream

Microsoft also has 6 accessibility investments across 365: 

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Mental health
  • Mobility
  • Learning


Connect employees with Yammer which is designed to help you connect with people across your organisation who you might not work with directly or on a regular basis.

Deployment methods: 

You can deploy each and everysingle app individually on each and every single device.
Deploy 365 apps:using click to run. Admins can user the office 365 client configuration service to create a config file in the cloud that specifies the Microsoft 365 apps that are installed.
Deploy Microsoft 365 apps from a local source.
Download the files on to a local sever and push out the apps without using external connection. 

Deploy 365 apps with Microsoft endpoint configuration manager.
Once that’s done you can update and service the apps by choosing the appropriate update channel for your organisation.
It can be monthly (second Tuesday of the month or you can update the operating system semi annually)
Remember if you install 365 apps you need to be connected to the internet every 30 days
File storage and sharing OneDrive and SharePoint
This one always catches me out. So stay tuned!
One drive for business is a cloud based series that enables you to store and product files share with others, access files from anywhere using an app or a web browser and restore all files to a previous date and time.
You can access from all your devices, share inside and outside your organisation, collab with other office apps. Protect your files with enterprise security.

Key features

  • Known folder move.
  • OneDrive files on demand, real time collab, encryption of data
  • OneDrive multi Geo storage location
  • Share point in 365 is the cloud evolution of SharePoint Servicer. It’s a cloud service that enables you to store, organise and add 3rd party apps, access info from any device and allowing sharing with external people by default all by using a web browser. 
  • Share point provides a rich collaboration where people inside and outside your organisation can work together, co-authoring document. Users can
  • Build sites, pages, share visuals, manage business process sync and store files in the cloud.
  • 365 provides a variety of options to help you create a secure and productive file collaboration environment that meets the needs of your origination.

I hope this was helpful. Stay tuned for next week’s blog!
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